Five out of Seven

There is a narrow strip of border under the front lounge window, which was one of the earlier borders to be restored. It’s about a metre wide and about five […]

Talk on Corners - Part 3

Part 1 of this mini-series introduced the corner border as an expansion project, in which there was a flurry of activity in marking it out, cutting the edge and then a […]

No Time Like the Crescent

The Crescent is a narrow strip of border with one end attached to Magnolia Hill. Its shape was dictated from having a large semi-circular border marked on one side of the […]

The New Front Border - Part 2

In Part 1 of “The New Front Border”, I described a front border that began with good intentions, but mutated from a dream into a nightmare in two years. The […]

The New Front Border - Part 1

The front border is a narrow semi-circle, which the drive wraps around forming the “in and out”. It has gone through many iterations; when we first saw it, it was […]

Snippets - Part 1

Here are a couple of pictures about the garden that I took with no particular theme, relation or intent other than the fact that they may be useful for a […]

Fruits of Labour

Last year we finished creating “Fruit Avenue” a long border running the length of the garden and which is sixteen metres long and two wide, it really is an avenue. […]

Whoever said that gardening was a relaxing, leisurely activity, with no strenuous work, heavy lifting, over-exertion, stress or deadlines obviously had someone else doing it for them. I say this […]