So today is the last day of 2011 and I think I spent it rather well. There was a trip around the local garden centre in the afternoon. I looked […]

Woody Lavender

I have a couple of lavender bushes in the garden and I confess that I haven’t been looking after them very well in terms of keeping them pruned and tidy. […]

Winter Woodland Walk

At the corner of the garden where there is the ornamental cherry, there is what I call, “the woodland walk”. The “woodland” consists of the cherry, a tiny holly, an […]

Winter Bay

Most of the plants in the garden are deciduous or herbaceous but there are several evergreens mixed in among them. One of them is bay, and we have two “bushes”, […]

Raking Leaves

I’m very glad that I’m not inundated with leaves each autumn. Although we’re almost surrounded by trees, they are too far away for most of their leaves (but not their […]

Garden Arch

Earlier this year, I bought an arch for the garden. It wasn’t particularly cheap as I wanted something sturdy and it wasn’t particularly easy to get into the ground either […]

Go, Go, Amaryllis

Last year — around this time — I bought an Amaryllis “Apple Blossom” (I know that they should really be called Hippeastrum). I wanted one after seeing one in flower at the […]

The Phoenix Canariensis (Canary Island Date Palm, or just CIDP) has now been brought inside for the Winter. Its in the lounge in front of the patio doors as we […]

Unwelcome Visitors

There are a lot of visitors to my garden, birds, cats, bees, caterpillars, butterflies, even the odd frog. They’re all welcome, of course, the buzzing of bees busy among the […]

Re-potted the Palm

A couple of weeks ago, when the remnants of hurricane Katia came back across the Atlantic and ran over the top of Scotland, here in the south we experienced blustery […]