Autumn Light

It’s that time of the year when the season is coming to an end and the days are shortening, the sun doesn’t climb as high and the light takes on […]

The Light Side of Gardening

As we slide into Autumn (in the northern hemisphere, at least), the days are getting noticeably shorter and cooler. The sun doesn’t reach as high in the sky and spends an awful […]

Colours for Autumn

We’re well and truly into Autumn now. There’s no more chances for a last-minute heat-wave. No hope of a second Indian Summer. British Summer Time has ended and the days are noticeably […]

The Third and Final Act

Although there is at least something in flower for eleven months out of twelve in the garden, in recent years, I’ve come to see a pattern in the flowering that […]

Season for Sunsets

Around this time, for about a month or so, we get really good sunrises and sunsets and they’re timed such that we see them on the way to and from […]

Favourite Fuchsia

I have a favourite fuchsia called “Cotton Candy”. It’s a lovely flower that has a cream-white frilly skirt and  candy-pink flushed outer petals. The stamens are a contrasting dark pink that is also carried […]

I must confess to having had a particularly lazy week or two in terms of gardening. There’s been plenty of other things to do but in the time left I […]

September Light

Around this time of year, as the season changes and the days get shorter, dawn and dusk last longer and the twilight is a strange pink-red that looks bright but […]

It’s now September, I’ve noticed the days getting shorter, it’s dark by 9:00pm, the night-time temperatures are starting to fall and the supermarkets have started displaying their Christmas decorations. The […]

Amaryllis Flowering

I’m amazed at how quickly the Amaryllis has shot up its first flower spike and how suddenly it burst open to reveal four swelling flower buds, one of which is […]