Dull days

For over two weeks now, the sky has been pretty much a constant, unchanging, dismal, damp, dull-grey. There have been occasional blue patches, sometimes I’ve even spotted glimmers of sun, […]

It’s funny how I’m always so easily side-tracked when out in the garden. As I’ve been cooped-up inside, not feeling very well these last few days, I decided to get […]

Cheery Arrangements

I don’t have a garden large enough and don’t yet grow enough to be able to regularly have large vases of cut flowers fresh from outside, the parents do and […]

Budding Skimmia

We have a male Skimmia x Confusa, “Kew Green” shrub (I think). In order to find this out, I had to do a plant-match (which involves searching online and through […]

Not-Just-Red Currant

We have a pair of stately ornamental red currant bushes that look stunning in the Spring with their vivid fuschia-coloured blossom. The “stately”, in this context also means, “rather large […]

Go, Go, Amaryllis

Last year — around this time — I bought an Amaryllis “Apple Blossom” (I know that they should really be called Hippeastrum). I wanted one after seeing one in flower at the […]

Fatsia Flowers

The small Fatsia Japonica plant that we have is now flowering. It is about a year or so old and so this is only its second go at flowering. The […]

The Phoenix Canariensis (Canary Island Date Palm, or just CIDP) has now been brought inside for the Winter. Its in the lounge in front of the patio doors as we […]


Another plant ID required, this time, an out-of-focus picture of an Amaranthus: I don’t know what type it is though. From comparing on-line pictures, it doesn’t appear to be the […]

Exotic Amaryllis

I came across this plant while on holiday, there was a row of them planted along the path. I wanted to see what it was so I took a look […]