Divide and Conquer

The way to grasp a seemingly overwhelming problem or piece of work is to write down all its component pieces and dependencies, then put them in some sort of priority […]

Spring Blossom and More

In the last several blog posts I’ve written about how busy I’ve been working through lists and tasks, jobs and chores. While I’ve been beavering away, so has the garden. […]

Skirting and Fluting

That last rose has now been pruned, another one has been hooked back on to the tree it is supposed to be clambering up, another border got edged and weeded, […]

Minding the Steps

There’s only one rose left that I need to prune. All the others are done for the season. I’m left with the last and most difficult one to contend with, […]

Patio Back Online

One of the things on my “Spring Gardening Jobs” list is “Finish Winter Gardening Jobs List”. One of those that cross over the Winter/Spring season is the annual clearing, cleaning […]

The Procrastination Post

This is an unashamedly procrastination post. I’m currently in the middle of several large jobs: Completing the border edging Pruning the roses Cleaning the patio Pruning the hedges Mulching the […]

Making the Cut

As usual, I’m behind, but this time with the winter pruning of the roses, which should be finishing around now so I have time to cut the hedges before the […]

Gardening in between rain

The wet weather continues and I keep slowly plodding along the border edges in between the showers and when the grass doesn’t squelch upon walking on it. That only adds […]

There’s a howling storm passing through the UK at the moment, Storm Ciara (as they’re named these days) it making itself known. It is causing havoc up and down the […]

Starting Without Me

It’s been mild and wet recently. That’s a statement that would validly apply to the weather here at any time of year, not just at the end of January as […]