Monster Wisteria

Cambridge is full of old buildings and against many of them, there is a wisteria planted that has had many, many years to grow. There are some pretty large ones […]

The Winter Garden

My garden is very much a spring garden, that’s when most of the plants are in out flower and there’s the most interest. Other gardens are winter gardens, where they […]

November Cuttings

This is the first effort at trying to change a very bad habit of mine, which is to throw away plant labels and not write down what plant cuttings I […]

Carry On Osteo

Though most plants seem to be turning brown and looking sickly, the garden isn’t ready to keel over and die just yet. This Autumn has been very mild and damp, […]

Dull days

For over two weeks now, the sky has been pretty much a constant, unchanging, dismal, damp, dull-grey. There have been occasional blue patches, sometimes I’ve even spotted glimmers of sun, […]

It’s funny how I’m always so easily side-tracked when out in the garden. As I’ve been cooped-up inside, not feeling very well these last few days, I decided to get […]

Cheery Arrangements

I don’t have a garden large enough and don’t yet grow enough to be able to regularly have large vases of cut flowers fresh from outside, the parents do and […]

Budding Skimmia

We have a male Skimmia x Confusa, “Kew Green” shrub (I think). In order to find this out, I had to do a plant-match (which involves searching online and through […]

Not-Just-Red Currant

We have a pair of stately ornamental red currant bushes that look stunning in the Spring with their vivid fuschia-coloured blossom. The “stately”, in this context also means, “rather large […]

Go, Go, Amaryllis

Last year — around this time — I bought an Amaryllis “Apple Blossom” (I know that they should really be called Hippeastrum). I wanted one after seeing one in flower at the […]