Between a Path and a Rock Wall

The first rockery wall I built on the corner border had me single-handedly hauling the sizeable stone pieces from next-door’s garden across to mine (they wanted rid of it so […]

Picture Snaps

It’s another one of those “elsewhere in the garden” posts, with pictures and excerpts to explain them. We start off with a mix of cheery self-seeded lobelia in one of […]


In the last few weeks, several milestones in the garden were passed. They have been years in the making, inter-linked with various dependencies that slowly unraveled like a ball of […]

Hedging Bets

The back garden is roughly a long rectangle in shape. The two long sides are framed with hedges, rhododendron ponticum for one and beech for the other. We’ll gloss over […]

Making an Entrance

I spend most of my time, money and effort on the back garden, it is the largest part while most of the front is a gravel drive. There are small […]

Rubbish Work

The early Spring weather with stay-at-home measures means I’ve raced through Spring garden chores and am now starting work on newer areas and projects that are beyond just “maintenance”. This […]

Supporting Acts

Several things on my annual maintenance list which I spent the warm Spring charging through was to look at the supports for the plants and redo the rickety parts. While […]

Divide and Conquer

The way to grasp a seemingly overwhelming problem or piece of work is to write down all its component pieces and dependencies, then put them in some sort of priority […]

Spring Blossom and More

In the last several blog posts I’ve written about how busy I’ve been working through lists and tasks, jobs and chores. While I’ve been beavering away, so has the garden. […]