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The time before

When Photoshop Wasn't a Thing

I'm pretty bad at taking pictures and I don't have a digital camera, instead I use a phone camera and the delete button a lot. The few pictures that do get saved are not post-processed in anyway so what you see is what the camera saw, which is roughly what I saw.

The gallery below contains some of the better pictures that I have taken of my first garden. I have these as my desktop wallpaper.

A Glimpse of the Future

There are many more pictures in the blog posts I write.
This first garden was in my care until 2014, and is now in the hands of other people. I have since moved on to a much larger garden that is an overgrown canvas. The blog this site hosts tells the story of not just my first years of gardening, but the reclamation and restoration of the current garden, which I expect to be with for many years to come.

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Horticultural Conditions

Learn about the horticultural conditions in the First Garden. From climate to soil-type, see how strongly it influenced what thrived and what didn't.

History of the First Garden

A whistle-stop history of the First Garden from Winter 2009 through Winter 2014, when it was time to move to the Garden at 13 Broom Acres.

First Garden Blog Archives

Read the old blog articles from the very first days of the First Garden in 2009 through to its last day in 2014. It's a journey of learning and discovery.

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A Year in a Small Garden

“A Year in a Small Garden” is a book covering my gardening adventures in my very first garden: a tiny plot of land in East Anglia.

Liberally scattered throughout with beautiful images and questionable humour, this book follows the ups and downs of one budding gardener with a wheelbarrow of enthusiasm, a skip full of grim determination and a mild obsession with all things horticultural.

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