The Great Wide Crack

This post is not about my posterior. Instead, it is about one my favourite things: terracotta pots. I love pots in general, I love having them on the patio. I […]

Raising Ferns From Spores

Now here’s a post that has been 18 months in the making and that is, “the growing of ferns from spores”. Ferns are such ancient plants that flowers and seeds hadn’t […]

The Cold Side of the Garden

It was only during a few days of particularly cold weather that the garden revealed a significant difference in seasonal micro-climates created by the low winter sun and the thick […]

The Jigsaw Puzzle

This is probably the second post ever in the history of this blog that is distinctly NOT about gardening. Instead, it’s about what I spent the last couple of months […]

December Break

Goodness what a long time it’s been since the last post! I must admit to having become very lazy when it came to writing on the blog for the last […]