Tree, Meet Rose

A few posts ago I wrote about the dragons we had bought from a local garden centre. I had planned on leaving them in their pots for this season while […]

Home for Honeysuckle

When we left our previous garden, one of the plants we managed to take with us was a honeysuckle. New to the (old) garden with about a season in the ground, Lonicera similis […]

Look at Those Front Trugs

Several posts ago I wrote about how I quickly and rather cheaply added instant impact to the front garden by planting up six trugs with clematis and some bedding. As […]

Out Foxed

Patter..patter…scrape Patter…patter. The Juliet balcony doors are open but the curtains are closed. Scrape..patter… I reluctantly come to, half awake I open my eyes just briefly enough to realise that it […]

Update That Front Border

The semi-circular border in the front garden is coming along nicely. It’s been about four months since I first started work on it and one and a half months since […]

Welcome the Wisteria - Version Two

You may know that Wisteria is one of my favourite plants. I cannot praise this particular plant enough; vigorous growth, hardy, disease- and pest-free (for the most part), fresh green […]

Tilford Cottage Garden

On a particular day in the recent past we were dodging deluges as we made our way to Tilford cottage garden, open with the National Gardens Scheme (NGS). This was the […]

Here be Dragons

It was a gorgeous sunny day and what better way to spend it than to pick a local garden centre and head down to see what was on offer. It […]

A Border for Squash

Up until now, border work has involved either restoring borders, such as the side border, or expanding and revamping existing borders, such as that front border. The other day, I […]

Repotting the Canariensis

We bought two Tesco Canariensis a good few years ago for a ridiculously good price. I’ve wanted one for some time. I like their strong architectural form and their exotic […]