June 2014

A Border for Squash

Up until now, border work has involved either restoring borders, such as the side border, or expanding and revamping existing borders, such as that front border. The other day, I […]

Repotting the Canariensis

We bought two Tesco Canariensis a good few years ago for a ridiculously good price. I’ve wanted one for some time. I like their strong architectural form and their exotic […]

Sitting on the Grass

I’m getting more efficient at mowing the large expanse of grass we have with the small domestic electric mower we bought with us from the previous house. Exhausted after the […]

OMG! RHS Wisley!

One morning, when it was looking to turn into another fine sunny day, I thought to myself, “I really ought to finish off pulling the ivy roots from the patio […]

The Side Border

“The Side Border” is a short narrow border that runs along the side-access of the house. It faces south, but there’s a great big house right in the way so […]