Another Week, Another Epiphany

I’ve just had a brilliant thought on how to manage the garden and how to gradually work through from beginning to “end” without getting too overwhelmed by everything that needs […]

Winter Bedding

I’ve never been a bedding fan and always turned my sophisticated nose up at gaudy displays of pansies and begonias planted en-mass in usually hideous patterns. However, with the six […]

Cue Kew Palm House

The other day was the first time I have been to Kew Gardens in London. Like RHS Wisley, Kew has held an almost mythical status in my mind as being […]

Time to Water the Orchids

Over the years I’ve accumulated many indoor orchids, all of the phalaenopsis (moth) type. The first couple were bought, several others were gifted and several more were donated from people who […]

My Mind's in the Gutter

After a great burst of activity in the garden in the first half of the year, I’ve taken a bit of a self-imposed break from it since mid-summer. My mind went […]

The Root of the Problem

I used to think that my prized Strelitzia, which I had painstakingly grown from seed and nurtured for the last three or four years was the only Strelitzia in the world […]

Wisteria Wire Wonder

Sometimes I still can’t get over just how much work it is to get a plant in the ground. It sounds bizarre but let’s take the example of the wisteria […]

Patio Ha Ha Ah Ha

The paved “terrace” (Estate Agent’s description) that runs along the back of the house is significantly raised due to the gently sloping nature of the site. This means we have a […]

The Master Plan

“Of course there is a plan!” I declare. I’m referring to how I’m going to lay out the new garden with borders, paths, structure, trees, plants and shrubs. I’ve been in […]

Checking In on the Natives

The new garden – while large – didn’t some with a great deal in the way of plants, but it wasn’t completely desolate, it just appeared that way when you […]