December 2012

A Year in the Garden

As we head towards New Year, another cycle is complete and the garden comes full circle. About this time last year, I had the idea of taking one photo of […]

Christmas Day is now just around the corner and thoughts of gardening are right at the back of my mind while thoughts of food, drink and presents are right at […]

Sarcococca Berries

Last year, I planted a Christmas Box or Sweet Box – also known as Sarcococca Confusa – in the front garden to have something to sniff on the way out. […]


The autumn leaves had been on the grass for a while now as I haven’t had chance to pick them up. Luckily, last Saturday was sunny (but still freezing) so […]

Frosty Days

It has been particularly cold in these last few weeks. With regularly clear night skies and sunny but cold days, much of the frost hasn’t melted and just keeps on […]

Last-Minute Tulips

Well, I’ve had the most wonderful two weeks on the beautiful sub-tropical paradise island of Maderia. The holiday meant that things have gotten rather behind on here so there’s some […]


Well, it’s been a good few weeks since the last time I wrote a post, but I’ve been on a wonderful holiday to the beautiful sub-tropical paradise island of Madeira, […]