October 2012

Season for Sunsets

Around this time, for about a month or so, we get really good sunrises and sunsets and they’re timed such that we see them on the way to and from […]

For the One Who Wanted Gaura

Most of the seeds I sowed during mid-summer are coming along nicely; one of seed packs was Gaura Lindheimeri. Someone commented that they wanted to see the Gaura growing and for […]

Favourite Fuchsia

I have a favourite fuchsia called “Cotton Candy”. It’s a lovely flower that has a cream-white frilly skirt and  candy-pink flushed outer petals. The stamens are a contrasting dark pink that is also carried […]

Wrapping Up For Winter

We’ve been lucky with the weather at the weekends recently as although it’s been cold, there’s been sunshine, so I took the opportunity to put up the temporary winter greenhouse […]