August 2012

Up the Garden Ladder

After a bit of windy weather, the wisteria runners that had grown vertically upwards in the corner wall flopped over and made a bit of a tangled mess. This particular […]

Summer Rain

We risked going out and visiting a couple of places and just generally trying to enjoy the short windows of sunshine this weekend. We kept an eye on the frequently […]


I’ve now got quite a few different types of lilies in the garden. They emerge, grow, flower and die at different times. At this late stage of the year, all […]

Happy Acer

On Gardeners’ Question Time (a BBC Radio 4 program) a few weeks ago, Acer Palmatums were described as highly strung, stressed plants that live on a knife-edge, having exacting requirements like: […]

Abutilon Megapotamicum

Someone please tell me that Abutilon Megapotamicum does not sound like a “Dr. Who” monster (invasion of the Abutilons)? It is in fact the name of a plant and was […]

Germinating Astrantia

Astrantia (Masterwort) is a cottage garden plant that you don’t see around often. It has a particularly unusual and beautiful flower and I really fell for it the first time […]

A couple of weeks ago I sowed six cell trays with six different types of plant seeds. I put them in the greenhouse and waited for the magic to happen. […]

The Philadelphus

One of the plants we grabbed from a recent trip to the nursery was Philadelphus “Belle Etoile” or Mock Orange. I really like Philadelphus, a good one has such sweetly […]

Patio Staging

Sometimes, it’s very hard to keep the patio clear. It’s a useful, sunny spot and things get piled or dumped on it while other things grow from the sides to cover […]