July 2012

The Zantedeschia

Last winter, I bought five Zantedeschia Aethiopica or “Calla Lily” rhizomes. They’re not very cheap compared to the cost of other bulbs, corms and rhizomes so it was a bit […]

Fire and Ice

There’s a tiny border at the very front of the front garden that’s a four foot thin strip. It’s where the young clematis that I’ve got an insurance policy on […]

Insurance Policy

Call me thrifty but I love getting plants for free or very cheaply. It’s the Yorkshire part of me and that’s why I like growing plants from seed and taking […]

Banksiae Lutea Version 2

I feel a small sense of guilt and shame to say that the Rosa Banksiae Lutea rose arrived last week. It is a replacement to the one that died earlier […]

Here’s a topic that’s got nothing to do with gardening but is still very relevant. It starts a few weeks ago; I was writing a post for my site, I […]

Teasing Georgia

Of the four roses we have, one died, two have flowered and finished for the year and the final one is now out. It’s another Old English Rose called Rosa […]

The Green Wall

The short stretch of fence that separates us from our direct neighbours (the ones that we’re attached to as we live in a semi-detached house) is known as the “green […]

In the Oven

I like to think of my little plastic greenhouse as a cross between a factory and an oven. It can churn out plants at a great rate of knots and […]

I’ve been looking at many other garden blogs recently and one thing I’ve noticed is that most of them have a spectacular banner image across the top of the home […]

The Regal Lily

My plan of having a garden full of perfume throughout the year is beginning to come together. For some time I’ve been making a conscious effort to buy plants, bulbs […]