Easter Break

Well we’re in the Easter holidays now and I am taking a well-earned break from the garden and the only way to safely be sure of that is to go a long way away from it. However that hasn’t stopped me from keeping the list of things I need to do when I get back from circling inside my head.

The great big quantity of manure I started off with several weeks ago is now down to manageable size, the lawn edging is done and there is just three feet of border edge to tidy up. There is still a fair amount of mulching that needs to be done that will require several buckets of manure but there’s no rush to get that done. Greenhouse seedlings have been potted on, I’ve offloaded some hebes, other plants have been planted out and I’ve got several seed trays on the go.

All-in-all, I’m well set and don’t feel the least bit guilty that I’m not toiling away in the back garden trying to cross out more of my “To Do” list.

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