On the Opening of Roses

A few posts ago I wrote about a June trip to Mottisfont, home of the National Collection of old-fashioned roses, where the overall effect was so overwhelming, it gave me an out-of-body […]


Deep in the Hampshire countryside, in the midst of quintessentially English villages with thatched roofs and timber frames lies an unassuming place, where the crystal clear waters of the River […]

Tree, Meet Rose

A few posts ago I wrote about the dragons we had bought from a local garden centre. I had planned on leaving them in their pots for this season while […]

The Third and Final Act

Although there is at least something in flower for eleven months out of twelve in the garden, in recent years, I’ve come to see a pattern in the flowering that […]

The Star of India

It’s been the best part of a year since we made a particularly sinful trip to the local Garden Centre and came away with three climbers: A climbing hydrangea A […]

Update from Wisteria Watch

In the UK there’s a series of “watch” programs on TV that attempt to keep us in tune with the seasons: SpringWatch AutumnWatch WinterWatch Wildlife Watch Oddly, summer doesn’t get […]

The Annual Climax

With the long winter, lack-lustre spring and late arrival of civil weather, the garden has been slow and drawn-out in reaching its annual climax for this year compared to last. […]

Summer Rain

We risked going out and visiting a couple of places and just generally trying to enjoy the short windows of sunshine this weekend. We kept an eye on the frequently […]


It’s getting towards the end of May and the April showers have finally finished. It’s been warm for a few days and the warm sunny weather is set to continue. […]

The Cherry Blossom

At the corner of the garden is a sizeable ornamental cherry blossom and it has beautiful double-flowers of the most delicate soft pink. It comes out rather late in terms […]