Blood and Roses

Eyes squint from facing into direct sun, arms tremble from being held above head-height, hands shake, fingers twitch. Just one more knot needed to tame the rose and fix it against […]

The New Front Border - Part 1

The front border is a narrow semi-circle, which the drive wraps around forming the “in and out”. It has gone through many iterations; when we first saw it, it was […]

Doing the Front Border - Again

It was all supposed to look so beautiful. A gleaming white picket fence, a formal half-moon, edged with naughtily ruffled thyme behind which were balls of lavender, then a mass […]

The Great Wide Crack

This post is not about my posterior. Instead, it is about one my favourite things: terracotta pots. I love pots in general, I love having them on the patio. I […]

Another Unwelcome Visitor

There are many unwelcome visitors in the garden; greenfly, rose sawfly, aphids, blackfly, pigeons and deer to name but a few. More recently however, another entry was added to this […]

Pictures and Stories 3

This is probably the finally instalment of “Pictures and Stories” for now. I’m almost caught up with garden progress but there is still the “grand reveal” coming sometime in the […]

Oh Deer!

It was all going so well; the roses were leafing up nicely with fresh new shoots emerging, the Clematis had erupted back to life from a dead winter and were […]

Scrubbing Up

I’ve spent the last several weekends down on my hands and knees scrubbing. Scrubbing like a washer woman with an apron, a hand brush, kneeling mats and a bucket of […]

That Creeping Feeling

A bit like squabbling heirs, jostling for the crown in a succession (or regicide), I spent a good deal of effort deposing the ivy from the patio wall to expose the […]